Filthy Squatters Are Taking Over Neighborhoods Across America

There are a lot of squatters in America. People who live in a house or apartment and refuse to leave are called “squatters.”

They might choose a place that is empty or whose owners are out of town. In other cases, the squatter rents a room or house and then refuses to leave.

Since the radical left is giving squatters more and more rights, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the country is in a crisis of people not respecting property rights.

Why Is This Happening?

There are a few big reasons why so many people are squatting.

First of all, America is going through a drug abuse and mental health crisis, which is causing the number of homeless camps in big cities like Los Angeles and New York to grow.

Instead of doing anything deeper to solve the problem, the left keeps giving addicts more money, which they spend on drugs and alcohol.

The rise in homeless people, the rise in prices, and new laws that give squatters more rights have all come together to make a perfect storm.

Legally getting rid of a squatter isn’t as easy as having the police show up and drag the person out. To get a squatter out of your house, you have to go through the right legal channels, which can take months.

Between now and then, squatters can do a lot of damage to your living space. This is Joe Biden’s America, where squatters have more rights and are treated better than landlords.

How to Stop People From Squatting

Anyone who reads this probably has one main question: how do I stop these parasites from choosing my home or property to invade? First, keep in mind that most squatters move into places that are already empty.

They go to apartments or houses where the last person to live there just moved out. They move in like cockroaches and quickly take over.

They have also been known to move in after a death, when a house or apartment has been empty for a while and they can get in by breaking a window or forcing their way in.

To keep these termites out, you need a good security system and a good lock and door. They almost always go for the easiest places to get in.

It’s a Real Crisis

The squatter crisis is a very serious problem that is hard to solve. When you rent to someone and they won’t leave, it can be hard to figure out what to do.

Michael Zink, a real estate lawyer who works in Chicago, said that kicking out a squatter can take up to eight months.

Once squatters have moved into your house or apartment and changed the locks, it takes time, money, and effort to get rid of them.




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