First Lady Lashed Out At WH Staff For Not Stopping Joe’s Solo Presser

According to a story, First Lady Jill Biden yelled at White House staff members for failing to end President Biden’s second solo press conference in January as her husband continued to take questions despite the press secretary’s signal to end it from Jen Psaki.

At the Jan. 19 press conference, President Biden was questioned about his handling of the COVID-19 epidemic, the conflict between the United States and Russia over Ukraine, and the supply chain crisis that was leading to a lack of commodities nationwide.

Jill Biden interrupted a meeting of senior White House officials who were discussing the president’s performance after the two-hour news conference, according to the New York Times.

The Times article claimed that the first lady has been protective of her husband and even participated in recruiting White House staffers and press aides, including interviewing Psaki with the president, and that she has become Trump’s preferred surrogate ahead of the midterm elections.

At the press conference in January, the president had been responding to questions from a pre-selected list of reporters for about an hour when Psaki, wearing a striking pink jacket, stood up and seemed to want to end the event.

However, the president persisted, causing Psaki to get up once more about 20 minutes later and make another apparent attempt to halt the questioning by walking to a door approximately 50 feet away from the seated area.

The president then asked his audience, which had been reduced to 30 reporters owing to the pandemic but was not required to follow social distance rules, how long they wanted him to stay. Biden stated he’d continue for another 20 minutes after checking his watch, but he continued for another 30 to 40 minutes in total.




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