Fleeing Felon Explodes After Being Hit With Police Taser

Arrest resistance is not a good idea. This month, Arkansas provided an especially poignant example of such a lesson.

On October 13th, just after one in the morning, police in Little Rock reportedly came across a man riding a black sport bike without a license plate. The rider accelerated when the cruiser turned on its lights.

The lone biker raced through neighborhoods at speeds of more than 90 mph. At one point, he came dangerously close to colliding with another vehicle as he sped through stop signs, red lights, and into oncoming traffic.

His hightailing reached a top speed of 120 mph once he was on the motorway.

After almost ten minutes, the fleeing criminal crossed a Kroger parking lot and entered a residential area. He attempted to ditch the fuzz on foot after crotch rocketing into a tree. But the law’s sweeping arm caught up with them.

A member of the Arkansas State Police unholstered his taser and shot on the evading offender, as shown on tape. The offender blasted up  when the barbs struck the suspect and gave their bolt of punishment. His entire body was engulfed in a ferocious fireball that emerged from his torso.

The human torch ate dirt, got to his feet, lurched forward, and then fell on his face. He fell for a while before getting back to his feet and running the other way. He quickly slammed into the ground while spinning.

The troopers were unaware that the guy was carrying a gas canister in his bag. The can was probably pierced by the taser prongs.

Most burns were superficial, but they were undoubtedly quite painful. He is anticipated to fully recover.

The Arkansas Children’s Hospital, which has a specialized burn section, is where he was supposedly taken.




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