Global Elites Feast on Beef While Calling on America To Stop Eating Meat

As per a Fox News article, the COP28 climate summit hosted in Dubai provided a diverse selection of gourmet dishes featuring beef for its attendees. Numerous individuals on social media pointed out the apparent contradiction between these food offerings and the summit’s purported emphasis on reducing meat consumption in Western nations, highlighting what they perceive as hypocrisy among progressive elites.

The summit’s online page outlined a menu featuring descriptions such as “melt-in-your-mouth BBQ,” Philly cheesesteaks, wagyu burgers, “succulent meat,” and “juicy beef.” Additionally, the culinary offerings extended to Mexican fast food like Tacos or Tortillas, as well as African street BBQ. This revelation coincided with global political leaders expressing concerns about a groundbreaking report, marking a significant development in the discourse.

The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) is anticipated to propose in its global food systems roadmap that Western nations, deemed as excessive meat consumers, should curtail their consumption to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. The organization emphasized in a statement that diets reliant on animal products adversely affect the planet and called for an urgent and innovative plan to revamp agrifood systems.

The FAO emphasized that the “Global Roadmap” serves as a strategic instrument illustrating how expedited climate actions can effectively tackle nutrition and food security challenges, leading to a transformation of agrifood systems. Additionally, the organization highlighted that the roadmap will advocate for ensuring the availability of nutritious food both in the present and for future generations.

The statement emphasized the primary objective of achieving “zero hunger” in an environmentally sustainable manner to attract climate finance for building resilience, adaptation, and mitigation. The organization further stated its commitment to incorporating various necessary measures to fulfill “Sustainable Development Goal 2” by the year 2050.

In a Fox News interview, Representative Mike Flood from Nebraska expressed astonishment at the perceived “hypocrisy” of global elites. He asserted that leaders like those in the FAO advocate against air travel for the public while engaging in it themselves using private jets.




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