GOP Donor Tells Nikki Haley to Give Up

The competition for the Republican presidential nomination in the current year is still in its early stages. Despite only one caucus and one primary taking place, it’s evident that former president Donald Trump’s primary contender is Nikki Haley. However, she is significantly trailing behind, prompting a prominent Republican donor to urge her to acknowledge the inevitable and withdraw from the race.

Andy Sabin serves as the board chairman of Sabin Metal Corporation, an autonomous enterprise that originated as a scrapyard in New York and has evolved into one of the leading precious metal recovery firms in the United States. Additionally, he holds prominence as a substantial contributor to the GOP, having contributed approximately $1.7 million to Republican campaigns over the past three election cycles. 

On January 24, he engaged in a discussion about Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign on Fox News’s “Your World” with host Neil Cavuto.

In his recent comments about Nikki Haley, Sabin, who previously expressed favor for her candidacy, now suggests that she should consider conceding. Drawing inspiration from country star Kenny Rogers’s renowned song “The Gambler,” he emphasized the importance of knowing when to step back, stating, “You gotta know when to walk away.” 

Sabin pointed out that if a candidate cannot secure victory in their home state, there seems to be little justification for persisting. This perspective aligns with current polls indicating a substantial 30-point lead for Trump in South Carolina.

Sabin concurred with Cavuto, acknowledging that he initially had confidence in Haley leading up to the New Hampshire primary, where she secured 43.22% of the vote compared to Trump’s 54.34%. However, he now believes that her campaign is essentially concluded. On a positive note, Sabin expressed his willingness to be the first to contribute financially if Haley decides to run again in the 2028 election.

Presently, Sabin is endorsing Trump, albeit with some reservations. While acknowledging Trump’s potential to be the best president and commending his commendable policies, Sabin expressed disapproval for Trump’s tendency to attack individuals unnecessarily. 

Nevertheless, he affirmed his commitment to supporting Trump as long as he remains the Republican nominee.




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