GOP Hopeful Flips Dem Incumbent’s Support

The 2024 gubernatorial election has taken an intriguing turn as a police union withdrew its endorsement from the Democratic incumbent and threw its support behind the Republican challenger. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a member of the GOP, is vying to replace Governor Andy Beshear, a Democrat. Cameron is now focusing on Beshear’s track record regarding law and order, and it appears that the police are aligned with his perspective.

Fox News, on August 30th, conveyed that the Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), which had previously endorsed Beshear during his 2019 election campaign, has opted to withdraw its support from the governor. In a change of stance for this election, the FOP has chosen to endorse Cameron. Responding to this development, Cameron expressed his appreciation, stating that the Order has displayed significant trust in his dedication to advocating for the law enforcement community.

Cameron proceeded to strongly criticize Beshear for his perceived inadequacy in addressing crime-related issues. He pointed to the governor’s decision to release 1,700 convicted individuals from incarceration during the 2020 pandemic, with approximately one-third of them subsequently engaging in criminal activities once again. The Republican candidate has placed significant emphasis on the theme of law and order throughout his campaign, including the recent unveiling of a comprehensive 12-point plan.

Among these aspects are initiatives to enhance the recruitment of police officers, implement stricter measures against individuals responsible for killing law enforcement officers, overhaul the problematic state parole board, and take stringent action against drug traffickers, carjackers, and gang activities. Cameron has expressed his desire for his plan to serve as a model for other states grappling with surges in crime, and he specifically mentioned California, Illinois, and New York as potential followers of his approach.

The Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has a track record of endorsing candidates who they believe will prioritize the interests of their members. Throughout the 21st century, they have alternated their support between Republican and Democratic candidates. Their current endorsement of Cameron indicates that his message has resonated with their members. If the general public in Kentucky shares a similar sentiment, Governor Beshear may encounter an unwelcome surprise on election day.




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