GOP Senator Threatens the Defense Dept. After New Policy

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) has vowed to make Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin responsible for his plans to pay for thousands of abortions in part with money from the taxpayers.

Until the DOD ends its abortion policy, which would permit thousands of abortions to be conducted for service members and their families, the GOP Senator has threatened to impose Sente holds on the nominees of key civilian and military officials.

“It is my conviction that this proposed policy change is illegal, circumvents Congress, and exceeds your authority. Should you implement these proposed changes to the department’s abortion policies, I will place a hold on all future DoD civilian and general/flag officer nominations,” Tuberville said.

The revised policy, which Tuberville deems foolish, intends to ensure that military personnel can still have abortions even if they are stationed in a state that forbids the operation.

By the end of the year, the DOD intends to put their policy into effect. President Joe Biden’s nine appointments have already been put on hold by Tuberville, who promises to keep doing so until the DOD’s position on abortion is changed.

“For years, the department has averaged less than 20 abortions per year. ‘Ensuring Access to Reproductive Health Care, would increase DoD-subsidized abortions by as much as 4,100 per year. That estimate does not include dependents, which your policy also intends to cover, who might seek assistance in obtaining an abortion.”

Unrestricted abortions would be available under the DOD’s plan, but when questioned, the government was unable to say how much the change in policy would cost it.

Tuberville spoke for the majority of Americans when he said that he abhors abortion and that it is reckless to move forward with such a contentious change to department policy without carefully considering how it will affect the force’s readiness.




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