Gov Gavin Newsom Is in Major Trouble if These Latest Numbers Are Correct

Newsom was seen recently cleaning up trash at a homeless camp and ranting on his cell phone about how unfair life is, if that’s any indication of his mental state. He’s flailing wildly, trying to find an issue to unite enough people to keep him around.

If these numbers are accurate, he is a goner. This poll does not represent California in its entirety but is a result of heavily Democratic Los Angeles County.

The normal caveats apply that this is a Republican poll, But even if it is 10-15 points off, it is still a horrible showing for Newsom. With 71% of the vote, Newsom won Los Angeles County in 2018.

The question about Newsom’s removal does not involve him vs. anyone else. The question is, “Should he be removed?” He’s out if he loses this vote. Next, it’s time to choose from the available candidates, Kevin Kiley, Larry Elder or another.

Newsom has floated the idea of new lockdowns, and he has reimposed an order for masks in response to COVID cases increasing in his state. Newsom has also made it clear that he would consider closing schools again. This would put his prospects at risk. Combine that with bipartisan anger at AB5 (which basically bans sub-contracting), and an out-of control homeless and crime problem and it’s easy to see why, even in one the most blue states in the union a Democrat governor seems likely to get the boot.

Although California is unlikely to vote for a Republican president anytime soon there are still significant gains that can be made. This would be a significant first step towards resolving some of the most difficult problems Californians have faced over the past decade. The voters must make the decision and take responsibility for the results. The pain will not stop if they don’t. Let’s all hope they do.




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