Grumpy Joe Snaps At Climate Protesters Then Stumbles

When President Biden visited Governor Kathy Hochul in Yonkers on Sunday in a last-ditch effort to support her in her battle against Republican rival Lee Zeldin, he repeatedly uttered the phrase “no more drilling” and stumbled on stage.

The past week has seen a number of Democratic heavyweights attempt to save Hochul as Zeldin has begun to catch up to her in the polls, including Biden, who hasn’t been actively campaigning for the midterm elections.

Biden attempted to pacify the protester and resume his speech while sounding bewildered.

At a rally with hundreds in attendance, Biden and Hochul made an appearance at Sarah Lawrence College. At one point, Biden appeared to trip and fall off the stage.

Unlike in June when he fell off his bike or when he slipped while ascending the stairs to Air Force One last year, the 79-year-old Biden was able to restore his balance.

Zeldin’s time in Congress was brought up by the president, who criticized the Republican for voting against the Democratic platform, including Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

He added that Zeldin won’t protect New Yorkers since he won’t ban weapons and has previously supported the NRA.

“Hochul’s opponent’s plan for public safety is to put more guns on the street. He opposed red flag laws which would have taken guns out of the hands of people who pose a danger to themselves and others. Look, what kind of sense does that make?”

When Biden noticed a fainting person in the audience and yelled for help from the stage, his long story was cut short.

He told the audience, “Someone fainted,” then he gave the command to raise hands so that the medical professionals could see where to go.

After the president assured the crowd that the victim was receiving care, the medics helped the patient and were applauded.




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