Guy In Stolen School Bus Leads Cops On Wild, Two-state Chase, Dramatic Dashcam Video Shows

A school bus driver who had stolen a bus led law enforcement on a high-speed chase spanning 80 miles and two states before crashing in Indiana. The entire event was captured on a dramatic dashcam video.

According to the police, the bus was stolen from Cincinnati, Ohio the previous week. The footage, which was aired on WXIX-TV on Wednesday, shows multiple law enforcement agencies pursuing the bus for over 50 minutes as it recklessly traveled on Interstate 74.

During the chase, the bus momentarily hits the curb and comes close to tipping over but manages to regain control and continues racing down the road, closely followed by around six police vehicles. The incident occurred on May 30 and involved the bus crossing the Indiana state line and continuing on State Route 9 in Shelbyville. Eventually, the bus careens into a cornfield and comes to a stop, as shown in the video.

The police swiftly surround the bus with their guns drawn and apprehend the driver, later identified as 32-year-old Chad Murdock, as he attempts to flee on foot, as seen in the video.

According to the Indiana State Police Department, Murdock has been accused of several charges, including resisting law enforcement, criminal recklessness with a vehicle, possession of stolen property, and criminal mischief.

Law enforcement stated that Murdock allegedly carjacked the bus from its original driver at approximately 10:15 a.m., leading to the subsequent hour-long pursuit. In order to bring the bus to a halt, police had to utilize a tire deflation device.

Murdock, who may potentially face further charges, is scheduled to appear in Decatur County Court on August 28.




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