He’s OUT – Kicked to the Curb!

A group of staunch Republicans recently dethroned Kevin McCarthy, who was previously the prominent figure within the GOP in the House, from his role as speaker. This removal, orchestrated by the far-right faction of the party in tandem with their Democratic counterparts, is causing considerable commotion within Capitol Hill.

In recent weeks, these unwavering conservatives have been strategically positioning themselves, closely monitoring McCarthy’s leadership. They have expressed dissatisfaction with his attempts to maintain party cohesion, alleging that he has become less resolute in his approach when they seek a leader who will steadfastly uphold their positions without compromise.

Many argue that the genesis of this situation can be traced back to McCarthy’s decision not to support the effort to challenge the Electoral College results in 2020. This particular choice raised concerns among these staunch supporters, as they sought unwavering endorsement of their claims of election fraud.

Balancing on the tightrope between the GOP’s moderate and right-wing factions proved to be a challenging endeavor for McCarthy. Despite his attempts to keep the party united while catering to the base that strongly supports former President Trump, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz initiated a vote that forced the issue to the forefront.

Prominent figures among the staunch conservatives, such as Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, assumed a prominent role, gathering support among conservative ranks. They are advocating for a more assertive leader who will not waver when faced with Democratic proposals.

Ultimately, a formal vote was conducted in the House, leading to a 216-210 majority in favor of removing McCarthy from the position of Speaker of the House. The following Republican representatives aligned with Gaetz in their vote to oust McCarthy:

  • Andy Biggs
  • Ken Buck
  • Tim Burchett
  • Eli Crane
  • Bob Good
  • Nancy Mace
  • Matt Rosendale

Following McCarthy’s removal, Patrick McHenry (R-NC) has assumed the role of speaker pro tempore until the House can hold an official vote to select a new Speaker of the House. McHenry promptly made use of his newfound position by taking action, including the eviction of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her comfortable, secluded office.




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