High School Football Team Defies Ban On Flying Pro-cop Flag At Games

In spite of a superintendent’s restriction, members of the Saugus High School football team were spotted flying the thin blue line flag once more on Friday night.

Mike Kuhlman, the superintendent of William S. Hart Union High School District, forbade the football team, known as the Centurions, from flying the pro-law enforcement banner before games last month, ostensibly because it was controversial.

Kuhlman claimed that he was made aware of a problem with the sign being flown at Saugus High School football games only three short days ago. They made the decision to take their time to thoroughly comprehend the situation and to respond intelligently, despite communications urging immediate action and threatening consequences if specified actions weren’t completed within a certain time frame.

He continued by claiming that Jason Bornn, the team’s coach, was also in favor of abandoning the flag. Bornn considered the possibility that not all team members may be thrilled with a sign that is being used to symbolize the entire group.

Given the school’s history at Saugus High School featuring valiant police officers, many were incensed by the decision.

Law police officers who were dropping off their kids at the school when a shooter started shooting inside it in 2019 raced inside to put an end to the carnage. The terrible occurrence resulted in the shooting deaths of two people and the injuries of three more.

On Friday, two Saugus Centurions players, in violation of the woke prohibition, trailed the majority of the team onto the field while simultaneously waving the American flag and the “thin blue line flag.” Parents, kids, and spectators cheered loudly as the player holding the pro-law enforcement flag approached the sidelines and waved it in front of them.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the Centurions went on to win the game, defeating Golden Valley High School 31-13, and finished the regular season with an 8-2 record before moving on to the semifinals.

According to Flags of Valor, the thin blue line flag represents law enforcement as the thin line separating the community from societal chaos, contrary to the leftists’ contention that it is a dividing emblem of white supremacy and bigotry. Similar to how all medical staff are represented by the Red Cross emblem.




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