Bomb Squad and Secret Service Respond After Suspicious Activity at Biden Aide’s Home

After demonstrators engaged in suspicious conduct, the Secret Service and the Bomb Squad responded to a Biden Aide’s residence in Washington, DC. Uncertainty surrounds the incident’s reports, but an Instagram post reveals pro-Palestinian protesters threw a pile of dung in front of the official’s house to express their disapproval of his position on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Authorities reported receiving a notice about a potentially concerning package near the residence of White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan around 8:30 a.m. on March 25. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from DC’s Metropolitan Police Department inspected the area and deemed it safe, though they noted that investigations into the incident were ongoing.

A video shared on Instagram by two pro-Palestinian organizations captured the protest. In the footage, at least three demonstrators are seen surrounding a package, identified as a heap of horse manure placed in the middle of the street. One protester proceeds to insert a sign into the pile. Although the message on the sign is not in English, a sign positioned behind it is. It mentions Yoav Gallant, Israel’s defense minister, advocating for additional weaponry, followed by the phrase “the people deliver s***.”

The poster asserts that the Biden administration’s professed concern for the well-being of Palestinians is deceitful. Protesters highlight the contradiction between officials’ statements about ending violence and their continued provision of weapons to Israel, which they accuse of perpetrating genocide.

That same day, Sullivan and Gallant were to meet at the White House to talk about their ongoing strategy against Hamas. After learning that the US had voted with the rest of the UN to urge an immediate ceasefire, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unexpectedly canceled his travel to engage in discussions with the Biden administration.

Sullivan is one of the White House representatives who has openly backed Israel’s offensive against Hamas. He recently said that as long as hostages are being held in Gaza, the US had no business resolving the conflict. The adviser maintains that Gallant is focused on rescuing captives and taking out Hamas, and that he is dedicated to reducing the humanitarian catastrophe.




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