Hollywood Actor Slams Third Party Voters, Says They Are Ruining America

A prominent Hollywood director and actor recently expressed strong views against Americans who choose not to vote for one of the major political parties. Rob Reiner, known for his role as Meathead in the 70s sitcom “All in the Family” and his successful directing career, criticized third-party voters, suggesting that their choices are detrimental to the democratic process. Reiner emphasized what he believes is the only democratic approach to casting votes.

On November 12, Rob Reiner, the 76-year-old filmmaker renowned for movies such as “This Is Spinal Tap,” “When Harry Met Sally,” and “A Few Good Men,” angrily conveyed a message on X. In his statement, he asserted that supporting the non-partisan group No Labels or any independent candidate from a specified list equates to supporting Trump through one’s vote.

To eliminate any ambiguity regarding the preferred choice, Reiner concluded his passionate expression by stating, “The only vote not for Trump is a vote for Biden.” He revisited this sentiment on November 15, emphasizing that according to him, “If you vote for anyone but Joe Biden, you are voting to destroy American Democracy.”

Certainly, not everyone may concur that the sole method to safeguard democracy is by casting a vote in alignment with the preference of a senior film director. Some individuals in the United States might uphold the notion that the essence of democracy lies in the freedom for each person to decide which candidate to support.

As per Reiner’s perspective, supporting independent candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Green leader Jill Stein, or any nominee chosen by No Labels, potentially Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), is deemed an assault on democracy. According to him, the only valid vote for the preservation of democracy is a vote in favor of Biden.

Indeed, numerous individuals would contend that the true peril to American democracy stems from the overwhelming influence of the two primary parties and the systemic challenges that virtually hinder third-party candidates from making significant progress.

During the 2020 election, the primary third-party contender, Jo Jorgensen from the Libertarian Party, secured a mere 1.18% of the vote. Collectively, all other third-party candidates garnered 0.67%. It’s challenging to perceive the minuscule proportion of third-party voters as a significant threat to the entirety of our governmental system.




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