Hunter Biden Asks Court To Stop Love Child From Taking His Surname

Hunter Biden urged a judge to prevent his daughter, who is 4 years old, from adopting his last name because he claimed it would deprive the youngster of a tranquil upbringing and serve as a target for ridicule.

Lunden Roberts, 31, argued that allowing their daughter to adopt the Biden name would be advantageous because it is now associated with being intelligent, successful, wealthy, and politically influential. They requested Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer on December 27 to grant their request.

The president’s volatile son, however, disagreed with the worth of his tarnished surname. He was under investigation for questionable overseas business dealings, struggled with crack addiction, and had been caught on camera waving a revolver around with a prostitute.

Within a week, his attorney filed a motion asking the judge to reject Roberts’ request, stating that his daughter should make her own decision once the criticism of the Biden name had subsided.

Biden cited criticism from his ex as evidence that his family name is being dragged through the mud. Biden, who became the center of a national controversy after emails and records on his laptop allegedly revealed a scheme to sell his father’s influence for millions of dollars to American adversaries.

In response to Roberts’ request to have his child support payments reduced, Biden cited court documents from Roberts that mention the federal investigation into his financial troubles and his interactions with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

The first son of the Bidens argues that Roberts’ objective is now political retaliation against them, reversing her efforts from late 2019 to remove their daughter’s name and any other identifying information from the public court record.




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