Investigation Into Biden’s Disastrous Afghanistan Withdraw

The American military’s departure from Afghanistan is the subject of an investigation being conducted by House Republicans.

After a nearly 20-year war that will finish in 2021, it was reported on Friday that they were requesting records from the Biden administration to determine how the retreat was managed and what went wrong.

President Joe Biden sent troops to guard the airport perimeter and ease the evacuation of US Embassy staff as the US involvement in the country came to an end as the Taliban achieved significant territorial gains.

After the operation, which marked a turning point in Biden’s administration and resulted in the terrible deaths of American soldiers in an airport bombing, his popularity ratings dropped. In response, the House Oversight Committee’s Republicans have opened an inquiry into the withdrawal.

“The Biden administration was tragically unprepared for the Afghanistan withdrawal and their decisions in the region directly resulted in a national security and humanitarian catastrophe. U.S. servicemen and women lost their lives, Americans were abandoned, taxpayer dollars were unaccounted for, the Taliban gained access to military equipment, progress for Afghan women was derailed, and the entire area is now under hostile Taliban control. The American people deserve answers and the Biden Administration’s ongoing obstruction of this investigation is unacceptable,” Comer remarked in a released statement.

ISIS terrorists killed 13 American service members and a large number of Afghans in an attack outside the airport. US soldiers launched attacks in retaliation to stop other terrorist activities.

The Taliban made startling gains on the battlefield in the closing weeks before the anticipated withdrawal of international soldiers from Afghanistan.

Bagram Airfield, a significant and formerly reliable US military facility, was taken over by the Taliban less than two months after US commanders gave it to the Afghan National Security and Defense Force.

Ashraf Ghani, the president of Afghanistan, left the nation in August 2021 as the Taliban drew close Kabul. Embassy evacuations were hastened in Western countries.

To assist in the evacuation of US Embassy workers and to protect the airport, Biden sent tens of thousands of US soldiers to Kabul.

Biden justified the choice back in September 2021. He asserted that continuing the conflict would not be in the country’s best interests and that the previous government had left him a deal with the Taliban.

Biden’s address was delivered in the midst of debate and scrutiny over the disorderly and violent withdrawal procedure.




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