IRA Terror Plot Foiled In Northern Ireland Ahead Of President Biden Visit

It was disclosed on Sunday that Northern Ireland’s police had foiled an IRA bomb plan meant to obstruct President Biden’s upcoming visit to Belfast on Tuesday.

According to reports, New IRA members were planning to make an explosive device to obstruct Biden’s diplomatic visit while looking to buy bomb components in Derry.

“They were looking for parts to make a bomb. The belief is that the New IRA was planning some sort of attack to coincide with Biden’s visit, similar to the mortar attack on the cops in Strabane last November.”

The organization took credit for setting off a roadside bomb that was aimed at a police car in County Tyrone last November. When the explosive detonated close to their car, two police officers were unharmed.

According to sources, Thomas Mellon, the New IRA’s head, sought to undercut Biden’s visit in a “spectacular” fashion.

The source stated, “He wanted to have a spectacular, but with all the PSNI raids and Brit searches it’s likely he will have to settle for a riot on Easter Monday.”

Mellon is included on MI5, the counterintelligence organization of the United Kingdom.

On Tuesday, Biden will travel to Belfast to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, which was mediated by the US. The momentous agreement signed in 1998 put an end to the Troubles, or decades-long sectarian conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Bill Clinton, a former president who was heavily involved in the deal’s negotiations, is also anticipated to attend.

In Ireland, where the president has ancestors from County Louth and County Mayo, Biden will also attend a number of other events.

On April 14, the president is also planned to give a speech in front of the public at St. Muredach’s Cathedral in Ballina, County Mayo.

The Irish Republican Army faction split off to form the New IRA after the Good Friday Agreement.




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