Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Go After FBI

Convicted child abuser Jeffrey Epstein has been dead for a while now, but he left behind a large list of victims. Many of the accusers’ identities were revealed during the trial of his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who was found guilty of aiding him in carrying out his evil deeds. Despite her lengthy 20-year prison sentence and Epstein’s death, some of the accusers are still seeking accountability, and this time, they’re going after the FBI.

Claiming the FBI failed to protect them and then covered it up, twelve Epstein accusers filed a case in the Southern District of New York on Wednesday, February 14, 2018. All that is known about the accusers is that they are Jane Does 1–12. The lawsuit states that the FBI received complaints from 1996 to 2006, but no action or investigation was taken until July 2006.

Even yet, after Epstein’s guilty plea to a Florida prostitution crime two years later, the inquiry came to an end. Despite repeated accusations, no action was taken until his arrest in 2019. Allegedly, the bureau has done nothing to “right the wrong” and has let the sex trafficking go unpunished.

“The FBI has turned its back on [Epstein’s] victims,” claims Jennifer Plotkin of the law firm that submitted the lawsuit, adding that the victims want to “hold the [agency] responsible for [failing] to act” despite the agency’s fundamental duty to intervene.

His estate and two banks were accused of knowing about the sex offender’s company but did nothing to report it. Several victims reportedly number in the hundreds. At this time, it is unclear whether any compensation has been distributed to the twelve accusers who lodged the case.

According to its policy, the FBI does not comment on cases that are currently in litigation. Multiple victims of sexual assault have sued the bureau before. The FBI was sued by over 90 women in June 2022 for failing to protect them from Larry Nassar, a convicted sex offender.




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