Joe Biden Shuffles Along the Beach, Callously Ignores Questions About Americans Held Hostage by Hamas (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is currently spending the weekend at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware residence while international tensions escalate toward a potential World War III. Israel has issued a strong threat, suggesting they would obliterate Iran and Lebanon if Hezbollah becomes involved in the conflict. 

Meanwhile, China has dispatched naval vessels to the Middle East during this weekend, prompting additional deployment orders from the Pentagon. It’s worth noting that President Biden’s recent heightened war rhetoric, along with his comparison of Vladimir Putin to Hamas, has elicited strong reactions from the Kremlin.

In the meantime, Joe Biden is currently enjoying his weekend at his opulent Rehoboth Beach residence, a property he acquired entirely through a cash purchase just weeks after his son Hunter’s communication with his Chinese business associate.

On Sunday, President Biden was seen leaving a church, where a reporter inquired about the Israel-Gaza conflict and the individuals being held as hostages by Hamas.

“Are you encouraging the Israelis to delay invasion?” a reporter asked.

“I’m talking to the Israelis,” Biden answered.

Another reporter asked, “Any word on any additional hostage releases, sir?”

President Biden disregarded the journalist and proceeded to walk towards the presidential motorcade.

Joe and Dr. Jill were observed strolling along the shoreline near their Rehoboth Beach residence on Sunday evening. President Biden once again did not respond to reporters’ questions about Americans held hostage by Hamas, walking past them without acknowledgment.

Biden shows a lack of concern for the American populace, having pursued a lengthy political career and amassing substantial wealth during his over five decades in government service.

The 80-year-old relaxed at the beach during the summer while a crisis unfolded in Maui.

Following a day spent by the seaside on a weekend in August, Joe Biden was questioned about the increasing death toll in Hawaii.




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