Joe’s Handlers Make Things Worse Cleaning Up After Him

 Biden gave a speech on abortion that was full of mistakes, on Tuesday. On Friday, videos of an MSNBC interview start to go viral. In one of them, the president appears to be on the verge of passing out before the interviewer intervenes. Hours earlier on the same day, Biden was campaigning in Pennsylvania alongside John Fetterman when he launched into an incomprehensible tirade.

After that came Sunday. Yes, it was as horrible as it sounds, with Biden completely embracing child mutilation in the process. The president attended a session organized by the strongly leftwing outlet NowThis News. At one point, he was interviewed by a man who claims to be going through “girlhood” as a transgender “girl.”

But the president also made another outrageous allegation at the same gathering. That was certainly news to everyone considering that Congress never even brought a measure on the subject to the floor, much less did they vote on one. Specifically, he claimed that his unlawful student loan forgiveness order was actually enacted in Congress by “a vote or two.”

His handlers were left perplexed by that, and a day later, they have finally come up with an explanation for Biden’s blatantly fraudulent remarks. Evidently, he meant a different bill that he didn’t refer to and that has nothing to do with student loan debt.

The Inflation Reduction Act was not a topic of discussion for Biden. There isn’t any disputing the fact that he was. He never stated that position directly or even alluded to it. Instead, this attempt at a clean-up is a blatant retcon, entirely made up after the fact. And as a result, it merely belittles the intelligence of every impartial observer watching this abominable charade of a presidential government.




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