Journalist Missing Since FBI Raided His Home After Writing About Biden

James Gordon Meek, an investigative producer for national security for ABC News, has been missing for weeks.

The FBI conducted a raid on his residence just before he vanished and gathered sensitive information.

His most recent tweet reportedly discussed American intelligence collecting on Russian military operations.

Meek responded via Twitter to Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA operative, regarding the Ukrainian military’s success in fighting off Russian soldiers with American assistance.

Dan Lamothe of the Washington Post Pentagon said that through watching the invasion, the United States learned a wealth of knowledge about the Russian military, to which Polymeropoulos reacted.

Days after the post, highly armed federal officials searched Meek’s penthouse apartment in Arlington, Virginia, according to the story. According to the article, which cited persons familiar with the situation, investigators claimed they discovered secret information on his computer during the operation.

Eugene Gorokhov, Meek’s lawyer, asserted that Mr. Meek is not aware of the claims being made about him by unnamed sources regarding the holding of sensitive documents. If such records are, as is alleged, available, this would fall under the purview of his extensive background as an investigative journalist reporting misconduct by the government.

A new rule bans federal prosecutors from obtaining journalists’ records without the deputy attorney general’s approval, so if investigators wanted to seize any documents, the raid would have needed US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco’s signature.




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