Judge Orders Pro-Life Flight Attendant Be Re-Hired – HUGH Win!

For criticizing her union president’s involvement at the Washington, DC Women’s March, Southwest Airlines flight attendant Charlene Carter was fired.

Planned Parenthood served as one of the event’s sponsors.

Southwest Airlines terminated flight attendant Charlene Carter in 2017 after she made social media posts against abortion.

Carter chastised Audrey Stone, the president of her union, for participating in the Women’s March in Washington, DC, which was supported by Planned Parenthood.

Carter said on Facebook, “This is what you supported during your paid leave with others at the Women’s March in DC. You truly are despicable in so many ways.”

In July, a federal jury in Texas found in her favor and granted her a $5 million judgment.

She now has a second significant court victory.

She was required to be rehired by Southwest Airlines by a Texas judge.

Southwest Airlines has been ordered by a federal judge in Texas to reinstate Charlene Carter, the flight attendant who gained notoriety after a jury determined that she was wrongfully terminated for advocating for life and for criticizing her union.

Carter would want to get her work back, but the jury also awarded upfront or future compensation. The Court gives Carter her previous status back. Southwest’s illegal strategy would be completed by the court if it chose front pay over reinstatement. Reinstatement is suitable

Additionally, the court made it clear that Southwest and Local 556 must email the jury’s finding and Starr’s ruling to every union member and put them in plain view for a 60-day period.

The firm and the union are prohibited by Starr’s ruling from treating Southwest flight attendants unfairly because of their religious practices and views, including but not limited to those stated on social media and those relating to abortion.




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