Karine Jean-Pierre in the Hot Seat After Some White House Reporters Go Rogue

There will always be complaints from certain members of the White House Press Corps regarding individuals responsible with speaking on behalf of the White House, most prominently the press secretary, regardless of the president or the party to which they belong.

The complaints typically center on, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: claimed injustice over allegations that particular outlets were contacted too frequently, seldom, or not at all.

But concerns about the current White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre are mounting, and they’re becoming so bad that CNN’s Oliver Darcy, of all people, is claiming that tensions have boiled over between Jean-Pierre and a number of reporters in the briefing room.

More than a dozen White House reporters with whom Darcy spoke on Wednesday described a picture of a press corps that has become frustrated with Jean-Pierre and does not think she is adequately qualified to answer their queries.

The journalists, who requested anonymity in order to speak freely, cited Jean Pierre’s fixation on adhering to talking points as well as an incident last week in which a crucial claim she made from the platform ultimately turned out to be untrue.

There have long been issues with Jean Pierre within the journalists. She has publicly said that it is difficult for her to reply to straightforward questioning in the briefing room, at times agonizingly turning to her binder of talking points.

But as President Joe Biden gets questioned about his prior handling of confidential papers, the friction has risen.

As journalists continue to probe the Biden classified files affair, the tension has been obvious recently. For instance, at the Tuesday briefing, a number of reporters got into a heated argument with Jean-Pierre over her failure to maintain the story’s integrity and for providing responses that were blatantly false.

As the classified documents issue intensifies, it won’t be a shock if, in a few weeks, we learn that Jean Pierre has chosen to resign in order to “spend more time with family.”




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