Key State Threatens To Leave Biden Off Ballot

According to reports, there is internal unrest among Democrats regarding Biden’s decision to seek reelection, leading to a loss of support from both the media and within his own party. The President, who is widely unpopular, is performing poorly in the polls and faces a significant challenge from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a candidate who has gained attention from Americans across the political spectrum.

To address the mounting difficulties in the upcoming election, Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have devised a plan to bypass the traditional early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Instead, they propose making South Carolina the first primary state. The official reasoning behind this move is to provide greater influence to diverse voices in shaping the primaries.

Naturally, this decision has sparked intense criticism and strong opposition, particularly from New Hampshire.

As a result of the proposed change in primary scheduling, New Hampshire has expressed its intention to exclude Joe Biden from the primary ballot. 

The New York Post detailed how Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire, states where the GOP has control over the state legislatures, could utilize their authority to put Joe Biden in a defensive position.

Despite the D.N.C.’s plans, New Hampshire, a state known for its adherence to the motto “Live Free or Die,” has announced its determination to maintain its position as the first primary state. This sets the stage for a confrontation with the D.N.C. that could potentially escalate and bring public embarrassment to Biden. In this scenario, if Biden follows the D.N.C.’s new calendar, he would not appear on the New Hampshire ballot, which could result in a surprising statewide defeat for the incumbent president.

“In the past, when challenging candidates have won or done well in New Hampshire, the incumbent President (Truman 1952, LBJ 1968, Carter 1980 & Bush 1992) has either dropped out of the race or lost in the November national election,” Gary  Haubold said.

Furthermore, Jason Miller, the campaign manager for Trump, shared an article from Fox News that emphasized the potential embarrassment Biden could face as a result of the New Hampshire primary.




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