KJP Takes Flight, Fled From Reporters Over Biden Business Question

As House Republicans initiate an official impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s connections with his son Hunter’s enterprises, there appears to be a growing apprehension within the White House when it comes to addressing this matter. During a recent press briefing, spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre faced inquiries regarding this subject. Instead of providing a response, she chose to conclude the conference and departed from the scene.

During her routine White House press briefing held on September 13th, Jean-Pierre fielded inquiries regarding the impeachment proceedings and the potential discovery of evidence by congressional investigators. She opted to redirect these questions, characterizing them as lacking foundation and asserting that President Biden has not engaged in any wrongdoing.

Subsequently, a reporter from the New York Post inquired why the President has maintained extensive communication with foreign business associates of Hunter. This query has garnered significant public attention, especially in light of a recent CNN survey indicating that 61% of Americans harbor concerns about Biden’s potential involvement in his son’s business dealings in nations such as China and Ukraine. 

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has recently initiated a formal impeachment inquiry aimed at ascertaining whether such involvement did occur or not.

Nevertheless, it appears that Jean-Pierre either lacks the answers to these inquiries or chooses not to disclose them to the American public. Instead of addressing the New York Post’s question, she offered a simple “Have a great day” and exited the stage. The reporter attempted to follow up by referencing the CNN poll and urging her for a reply, but Jean-Pierre remained silent and did not provide further clarification.

President Biden initially brushed aside initial inquiries regarding the prospect of his impeachment. However, he eventually addressed reporters during a fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, on September 14th. He asserted that Republicans are pursuing impeachment as a means to shut down the government, disregarding the fact that the GOP possesses, and is on the brink of employing, more straightforward methods to achieve that end. 

Furthermore, he attempted to draw a connection between the impeachment discussion and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). With even President Biden engaging in this conversation now, it becomes increasingly challenging for Jean-Pierre to continue evading questions on the matter.




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