Lawmakers Vote To Hide Children From Their Parents

A bill that will deny parents the right to know where their children are has been approved by state legislators. This statute is connected to the trans agenda that is sweeping the US, like many other contentious new laws. The authors of the measure claim that it will provide “meaningful choices” to children without “supportive” parents.

SB 5599, which the State Senate had already approved in March, was enacted by the Washington State House on April 13. If someone young runs away from their parents or is ejected, the state could give housing if the child was attempting to receive gender-altering treatment. SB 5599 was written by state senator Marko Liias (D), who asserts that this treatment is “life-saving” and warns that without it, kids “might end up on the street.” 

In actuality, it covers kids staying in shelters with permits. Liias’s bill would remove the need that these shelters notify parents if their child is a resident within 72 hours.

The State Senate enacted a “shield” measure on April 13 that will make the state a sanctuary for anyone who wants an abortion or gender surgery. Washington Democrats are currently lobbying aggressively for gender-related regulations. But SB 5599 is turning out to be very contentious. John Braun, the leader of the Senate Republicans, claims that the legislation will “disenfranchise” parents and take away their ability to participate in their children’s decisions. 

In addition, he cautioned that teenagers, including kids as young as 12 or 13, would try to “game” the system by claiming shelters they needed transgender treatment and getting expelled even though they hadn’t actually been. Thus, runaways could ask the government for assistance in keeping them hidden from their parents.

Braun also emphasized the inconsistency between one bill and another that Washington Democrats are now pushing. According to SB 5475, a new sentencing bill for juvenile offenders, young criminals should receive lower penalties because the human brain doesn’t fully develop until age 22. 

Unfortunately, just one brain stands in the way of SB 5599 becoming law, and that is Governor Jay Inslee (D), who noted that Liberals like to use brain studies when young people commit crimes, “but not when they seek life-altering, potentially irreversible health care.”




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