Media Has Tough Time Spinning Biden’s Terrible Week

Most conservatives already know that a good week for President Joe Biden is one with fewer crises or gaffes, but when even CNN can’t turn Biden disasters into positive news, you know something is wrong. As CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza writes in his analysis, Joe Biden would probably like to forget the last several days. I’m not kidding.

They’ve been full of muddled messages on important issues, giving the impression of a directionless White House led by a President whose proclivity for straying from the narrative is only contributing to his problems. The federal judge’s decision to overturn the Biden administration’s travel mask rule appeared to have caught the White House completely off guard. Psaki’s initial reply was unsure, then Biden indicated it was up to travelers whether or not to wear masks, before the CDC filed an appeal of the judge’s order, as Cillizza detailed in his piece.

On the subject of the midterm elections, Cillizza’s CNN analysis noted disagreement among Democrats in the form of an op-ed by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who demands that Democrats in Congress take legislative action.

“Democrats are headed for huge losses in the midterms if we don’t use the months before the elections to deliver more of our program,” Warren wrote. Her ostensibly limited understanding of history ignores the fact that radical leftist Democrats have repeatedly attempted to push their agenda through Congress, but have failed because not even all members of their own party will join forces to overcome GOP opposition in the divided Senate and a slim Democratic majority in the House.

While Cillizza forgot to mention that during the White House Easter Egg Roll, Biden needed a literal Easter bunny to save him from reporters’ questions, he did mention that this tumultuous week comes as Biden’s job approval is at or near an all-time low, with 39 percent approval and 55 percent disapproval, according to CNN’s latest average of the last four national polls.




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