Migrants Bused To NYC Hotel Going Door-to-door For Help

After being placed in hotels, migrants who were transported by bus from the border to New York City have been begging for food, clothing, and employment by knocking on doors in the Staten Island area.

The migrants are living at a property in Travis-Chelsea that contains the Staten Island Inn, Holiday Inn, and Fairfield Inn and Suites Marriott. Many of them weren’t prepared for the cooler conditions of the Big Apple.

According to a Holiday Inn staffer, the Staten Island Inn is now fully filled with the illegal immigrants who have now applied for asylum, and additional buses should arrive within the next day or two.

The region is already overburdened by the unexpected influx of needy families, according to the locals, who claim they were never notified that so many migrants would be transported to their middle-class neighborhood at once.

In response to the flood of migrants into the Big Apple, Mayor Adams issued a state of emergency in the city on Friday, saying that the surge was straining the city’s shelter system and would cost taxpayers $1 billion by the following year.

They landed on Staten Island six days ago, according to Felipe Viera, 24, and Gilimersy Perdomo, 26, of Trujillo, Venezuela, who spoke to The Post on Sunday.

Viera had an urgent appendectomy on their second day at this location, the couple said.

New arrivals have started knocking on doors and begging for clothing and other basics.

Staten Island homeowner and business owner Terrence Jones claimed that when several migrants repeatedly rang his doorbell, he was taken aback.

A computer programmer who also lives close to the hotels, Andrew Wilkes, said on Saturday that he has also had several people knock on his door.

He said that his wife was searching their home for any excess clothing that may be donated.

It’s anticipated that shortly, the Marriot will also host new arrivals.




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