Missouri Woman Arrested After Dogs Die From Being Left In Car

When the dogs were left in the car, it was 85 degrees outside, which meant it might be as hot as 130 degrees inside.

According to police, a Missouri woman visiting Florida was arrested on animal cruelty charges on Thursday after four dogs she left in her vehicle died.

Tesia White was captured after officials were notified by a 911 call in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Officers were alerted to the fact that the automobile was running with the windows open and the air conditioner on while White was eating lunch at a nearby eatery.

Officials stated that the deceased pets were left alone inside the vehicle.

“We have four dogs on the side who were trapped in a hot car after they accidentally turned off the air conditioning,” the caller explained. “They’re all laying on the side, none of them moving, and they’re all foaming from the mouth.”

According to the police report, a big puddle of liquid was spotted flowing from under the car into a nearby storm drain, indicating that the vehicle had been running for some time.

According to authorities, White checked on the dogs once during her lunch break, but when she returned to her car an hour later, she discovered them dead. The temperature outside was around 85 degrees, which, according to the American Veterinary Association, may cause automobiles to reach temperatures of around 130 degrees.

She left a 4-year-old Goldendoodle, 2-year-old Boxer, and two 12-week-old Goldendoodle puppies in the car, according to the police report.

White was charged with four charges of animal cruelty and released on a $10,000 bail from the Volusia County prison. During White’s arraignment on Friday, a judge stated that she is not permitted to possess any animals while the case is ongoing.




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