Police Watch as Violent Teens Attack in ‘Street Takeover’

Online recordings show a terrifying scene: a group of adolescent boys in Chicago try to vandalize a white Tesla during a riot. A former police chief has stated that incidents such as this are occurring with alarming regularity in the city.

“It signifies lawlessness, and these street takeovers are almost a weekend routine,” stated Tom Weitzel, a retired police chief in Riverside, Illinois. “I’m certain the driver was scared of harm or carjacking.”

On October 13, chaos broke out, and it was captured on two different tapes. Initial video shared to X (previously Twitter) shows a mob of people climbing onto the hood of a car while onlookers beep their horns.

A man and a woman, both 33 years old, attempted to drive through a tunnel at 11:50 p.m. The bunch jumped off the Tesla as it accelerated. Then, the onlookers saw two men beating on the car’s hood with their fists. Some of the people started using ski masks to hide their identities.

The camera then shifts to two cars executing screeching donuts on the opposite side of the tunnel while about one hundred onlookers observe. Suddenly, the Tesla accelerates, seizing the opportunity to try and break free, and it appears to knock over a young man as a woman screams.

A few yards forward, however, the mob once again encircles the Tesla, which now has its driver’s side mirror dangling loosely from the side of the automobile. There is a recording of a woman yelling, “Wreck this car!”

Young men kick and try to shatter the Tesla’s windows just moments before the automobile reverses and then accelerates, brushing against a car as it progresses toward a line of blue police lights. Dozens of individuals are shown chasing the Tesla on foot as police officers appear, at which point an officer can be heard telling the mob to move back.

There have been no injuries or arrests, according to a report from the Chicago Police Department provided to Fox News Digital. The event is currently being looked into by three detectives.

Weitzel said it was especially worrisome since this takeover of a street occurred in a tunnel. He also said that the city isn’t doing enough to stop the flash mobs.




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