Mother Claims Son Was Brutally Killed by Exercise Bike

In January 2022, Ryan Furtado, a 32-year-old resident of New York, tragically lost his life while engaged in a workout session on his Peloton stationary bicycle. Johanna Furtado, the grieving mother of the deceased, has initiated legal proceedings, alleging that her son’s untimely demise was a consequence of using the Peloton bike.

The legal complaint asserts that Mr. Furtado was in the midst of a core exercise routine with the Peloton machine, which necessitated transitioning from the bicycle to the floor to perform specific exercises. Following these floor exercises, he would then resume his workout on the bike. During the process of transitioning from the floor back onto the bike, Mr. Furtado utilized the machine for support while pulling himself up. It was during this particular moment that the Peloton bike unexpectedly rotated, striking Mr. Furtado’s face and neck, resulting in the severing of his carotid artery.

The reported injury is said to have resulted in his immediate demise. The New York Police Department uncovered his lifeless body beneath the Peloton bike.

Within the lawsuit, Johanna Furtado asserts that Peloton bicycles pose a significant risk due to potential faults, and users are not adequately cautioned regarding the potential hazards of engaging in strenuous workouts with these machines. Furthermore, she contends that these exercise devices lack sufficient warning labels to alert users to such risks.

In her legal action, Johanna seeks non-economic compensation, encompassing emotional and psychological distress experienced in the past, present, and anticipated in the future, along with medical expenses and other related damages.

Peloton has issued a response, contending that the accident was not attributable to their equipment but rather stemmed from the user’s negligence.

It’s noteworthy that Peloton had previously taken action by recalling over 2000 exercise bikes of a particular model due to incidents where the seats detached and fell off during usage, resulting in consumer injuries. Additionally, a treadmill manufactured by the company was recalled following a tragic incident involving a child’s fatality, along with multiple reports of injuries.

In an official statement from Peloton, the Furtado family received expressions of sympathy and condolences for the unfortunate accident. The company also emphasized its unwavering commitment to the well-being and safety of its customers.




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