Musician Behind Iconic Song Dead at 58

During the late 1990s, Willie Perry Jr., professionally recognized as “DJ Casper,” composed a track dedicated to his nephew, who worked as a fitness instructor. This musical creation eventually gained immense popularity as a preferred choice at weddings and gatherings across the nation. Regrettably, Perry has since departed.

Perry’s spouse, Kim, made an announcement on Monday, August 7th, revealing that he had succumbed to his battle against cancer. He passed away in his hometown of Chicago, surrounded by his close family members. Back in 2016, medical professionals diagnosed him with two types of cancer: Neuroendocrine and renal, impacting his liver and kidneys. During a conversation in May with ABC7’s Samantha Chatman, he recounted that his oncologist had performed surgery in an attempt to eliminate the cancer. However, during the procedure, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to his renal artery. As a result, the surgical team had to abandon removal and instead provide treatment.

Kim issued a statement describing her spouse as a joyful, altruistic individual characterized by authenticity and a strong attachment to family. She conveyed his deep affection for his hometown, stressing that he held a profound attachment to it. She also emphasized the significant void left by his departure.

In the interview conducted in May, the DJ conveyed his determination to maintain a positive outlook. He expressed a desire to treasure each moment and took pleasure in the fact that his song had the ability to unite people.

Initially titled “Casper Slide Pt. 1,” the song was initially crafted to provide instructions for a line dancing routine. Over time, the original version evolved into “Casper Slide Pt. 2.” Its rise to fame in Chicago ensued when M.O.B. Records took it under their wing. In 2004, it was rebranded as the “Cha Cha Slide,” and its popularity extended to the UK charts, securing the topmost position.

Perry recounted his global performances of the track, highlighting its resonance in sports arenas spanning hockey, basketball, football, and baseball. In a heartfelt message directed towards cancer patients, he encouraged them to remember the significance of persisting with the “Cha Cha Slide.”




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