Nearly One-Thousand Trapped by Avalanche in China

The winter season is often appreciated by many individuals for its snowfall and picturesque landscapes, yet it brings along certain dangers. Depending on your location, hazards such as black ice, snowstorms leading to home confinements, and avalanches can occur. In the Altay mountains of China, for instance, recent snowfall caused a minimum of 31 avalanches, leaving over 1,000 people stranded in a remote skiing area.

On Tuesday, January 16, efforts were underway to rescue tourists stranded for over a week due to avalanches blocking roads in the Xinjiang region. Rescue operations involved utilizing military helicopters to airlift the injured and deliver essential supplies like fuel and food. The roads were finally cleared on that day, allowing those who had driven in to leave. The region, known for its skiing opportunities, has gained popularity among tourists, and it is also home to permanent residents in the prefecture.

Even with the road clearance and ongoing rescue operations, the persistent severe weather remains a threat. Authorities have decided to prohibit entry to the region until at least January 20 due to these conditions. The challenging weather has also disrupted regular deliveries of goods to the area, causing delays in some helicopter-scheduled shipments.

Zhao Jinsheng, the head of the highway management bureau, noted that the current situation is unique, and the ongoing weather challenges make the road-clearing process to Hemu village a time-consuming task.




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