New Development Emerges in Hunter Biden Scandals

These days, Hunter Biden is the subject of intense investigation. It appears that the president’s son breached various laws, including those related to the purchase of firearms, the payment of taxes, and the conduct of a company.

Meanwhile, Hunter is being charged with many counts of child support noncompliance.

Some reports have suggested that high-ranking government officials are secretly working to shield Hunter from responsibility while he is under investigation.

The New York Post, however, suggests that Hunter is also looking for a way out of paying child support.

Hiding Out at the White House?

Hunter’s ex-stripper girlfriend Lunden Roberts gave birth to their daughter. The first son, however, has failed to submit the required documentation on his finances. Roberts’s daughter would get the required child support with the use of these documents.

Roberts now wants Hunter locked up until he turns over the documents the court ordered him to provide.

It’s also possible that the first son is hiding out in the White House to avoid being served with court documents. The fact that Hunter has been witnessed on several occasions traveling beside his father further lends support to this theory.

Hunter did, however, successfully petition the court for a reduction in his child support obligations in 2022.

Time to Face the Music

The newest issue concerning Hunter Biden has not been well received on social media. The general consensus is that the first son should stop running from his responsibilities and stop attempting to avoid paying child support.

If it turns out that Hunter has chosen to live in the White House to evade Roberts, then his legal status as a resident there has been called into question.

Joe Biden’s announcement that he will seek reelection as vice president has brought this matter to the forefront.




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