New Leftist Firearm Policy BACKFIRES!

Ballot Measure 114 in Oregon will transform the state of Oregon into one of the strictest in the country when it comes to gun restrictions. In an effort to lower gun violence in the state, a narrow majority chose to support it. Ironically, once people understood their future access to guns was uncertain, gun sales skyrocketed and background checks more than quadrupled.

The proposed law becomes effective on December 8. After that day, everything in Oregon changes for law-abiding residents, assuming the law prevails in a plethora of court disputes. Any firearm purchase will need a permit and training session. High-capacity magazines or clips that carry more than Ten rounds are likewise prohibited under the law.

The change has upset a number of sheriffs throughout the state, with at least two of them refusing to implement the legislation whole or in part. Others voiced their worries, and the majority appeared to be optimistic that the courts would finally invalidate it. Many are hopeful that the outcome of the ongoing case, which will determine whether the law is unconstitutional, will be an injunction to stop its immediate enforcement.

Two counties’ local legislature established their own unconstitutional laws that forbade employees, including the sheriff’s office, from enforcing certain federal or state firearms laws. Sheriff Michelle Duncan of Linn County referred to the law as “poorly written” and stated she would find it difficult to enforce it, particularly with regard to its permitting requirements. In her county, Duncan’s agency likewise won’t enforce the restriction on high-capacity magazines.




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