Palestinian Activist Dumps Box of Rodents in a McDonald’s

The Palestinians have called for widespread boycotts of a select group of companies that they believe are too lenient toward Israel’s cause. Recently, a protester in England went to a McDonald’s armed with a box of rodents, which he released into the restaurant.

The activist, who was draped from head to toe in a Palestinian flag, had an ally film the incident, which he then shared online. The strange video was originally posted by London & UK Street News on X (previously Twitter).

The film, which is set to upbeat ethnic music, opens with a shot of three trash cans containing mice that have been painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag. A man displays counterfeit license plates that are an exact match for the ones on the trunk of his car and read “PAIISTN” with the words “Free Palestine” written underneath. He brings a box containing the painted mice inside the McDonald’s, opens the hatchback of his car, and unleashes the mice inside.

Afterwards, a picture appears on the screen urging people to stop buying products from “the big three” because they are “complicit” with “Israeli apartheid.” The activist concludes the video by calling someone else to report that the act is complete.

A separate X message from the West Midlands Police Service described the incident as “not acceptable” and highlighted the grief it caused. According to Fox News’s reporting, protesters set their sights on McDonald’s after learning that a local franchise there had given away 100,000 meals to soldiers and offered them a 50% discount.

The Palestinians reportedly have Starbucks and Disney on their boycott list as well. Starbucks has just filed a lawsuit against its employee union for allegedly using the company’s intellectual property in a solidarity with Palestine-themed Facebook post. Disney has pledged $2 million to nonprofits in the area, $1 million of which will go to affiliates in Israel.

Airbnb, Burger King, CeraVe, Coca-Cola, Dasani, Domino’s, Nestle, Pepsi, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Nike, Subway, and Walmart are among the other brands that pro-Palestinian groups have called for a boycott.





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