Passenger Passes Out On Southwest Flight As Plane Shakes

Friday’s turbulent Southwest Airlines flight to North Carolina caused one passenger to pass out, and other passengers were left vomiting as the aircraft shook violently.

Flight 3094 from Maryland encountered severe weather as it neared Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Friday night, and chaos ensued.

“It was quite a horrifying experience. We go to land in Raleigh and the plane starts shaking like crazy. The wings were flapping. They were shaking,” said Nicholas Reed, who was flying with his girlfriend Krys Spence.

According to the site, who cited flight data, the difficult landing was ultimately abandoned at the last minute at 1,350 feet, but not before terrified passengers were ill.

The couple claimed that during the jittery approach, another passenger even suffered a panic attack and passed out.

The Southwest flight was then forced to do a U-turn and head to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where things only got worse.

According to the pair, passengers were kept on the plane for two hours before spending close to four hours in the deserted airport.

“We couldn’t go anywhere because they wouldn’t give us our luggage. One group of guys found a bar and went behind it and just started pouring themselves drinks — because there was no security,” on Saturday, a new plane eventually touched down just after 1 am. The first passengers landed in Raleigh at 4 am.

Southwest Airlines said that the rough landing was caused by the weather in RDU.




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