Planned Parenthood to Deploy Mobile Abortion Clinic Near Red State Borders

After the Supreme Court decided to overrule Roe v. Wade, the pro-abortion movement has continued its frantic campaign to kill as many unborn infants as it can. The nation’s foremost supplier of abortions, Planned Parenthood, announced on Monday that it would soon set up the nation’s first mobile clinic in southern Illinois.

Predictably, in an interview with NPR, Yamelsie Rodriguez, head of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, remarked, “We are all trying to work together to meet the exponential increase in the number of patients that are traveling from banned states to what we’re calling ‘haven states’ for abortion care. It’s an all-hands-on-deck moment. Our goal is to reduce the hundreds of miles that people are having to travel now in order to access care and meet them where they are. It gives us a lot of flexibility about where to be.”

The mobile abortion clinic, which will operate in Illinois, where abortion is still legal, and travel to the borders of other states, will start conducting consultations and distributing abortion pills later this year, according to NPR. In June, 49 of the 50 Senate Democrats voted in support of a bill that would have allowed for on-demand abortion up until delivery, demonstrating that the left only views the Roe decision as a minor inconvenience that they would continue to press for.

According to AP, two abortion facilities in the St. Louis area on the Illinois side are overflowing with clients. The Fairview Heights clinic has witnessed a 30% spike in abortion patients since June, according to leaders of the St. Louis Planned Parenthood office, which officials claimed was even greater than expected. Additionally, the number of patients from states other than Missouri and Illinois rose by more than 340 percent.

Rodriguez claims that following the Supreme Court decision, the typical wait time for an abortion appointment in the St. Louis area and Southwest Missouri increased to two and a half weeks from four days.




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