Police Catch Suspect Who Planned a School Shooting for His Birthday

A man from South Florida was pulled over for a broken headlight, but was ultimately arrested due to the contents of his vehicle. A 19-year-old man’s scrawled plans to “kill everyone” in 2026, when he’ll be 22 years old, were found in his car. Investigation of his phone and online accounts revealed more evidence of his planning and preparation for destruction. He was also carrying a stolen 9mm firearm.

His loved ones have reached out for help because he has a history of unstable mental health. His mother has said that he is a “good kid,” and that she doesn’t believe he would have followed through with his plan despite the evidence. He is being jailed on a $1 million bail while he receives mental health treatment.

After the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018, there was bipartisan support for limiting access to AR-15-style rifles for those under the age of 21. This statute, along with others, grants law enforcement expanded authority to seize weapons and provides additional “red-flag orders” that are frequently disregarded.

Some individuals and the NRA don’t think this law is constitutional or acceptable, but it has already past the obstacles in Florida, so it’s now being evaluated by a Federal appeals court. Democrat and then-Mayor of Parkland Christine Hunschofsky says the ban has been effective because no additional weapons of mass destruction have been used by a kid since it was passed.

It’s possible that in 2026, lives might have been saved thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned cops. If the man in question could have gotten his hands on an automatic long rifle before he turned 21, he could have acted instantly. The targeted school has not issued a statement, and his sentencing is set for November 2023.




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