Pro-Life Group Holds Endorsement Hostage

The Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, a US pro-life group, has recently emphasized that for any GOP presidential contenders to earn the organization’s backing, they must back a nationwide ban on abortion. During a media briefing, Marjorie Dannenfelser, the President of the organization, conveyed that although a candidate endorsement is yet to be confirmed, the ultimate determination will be influenced by various considerations.

The president mentioned that Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America has a clear and distinct criterion that will decide whether they back a candidate or not. Dannenfelser highlighted that GOP presidential contenders need to express their stance on federal baseline requirements, allowing the pro-life group to assess if the candidate is deserving of their endorsement.

When questioned about the primary aspects she wishes to discern from candidates on this matter, Dannenfelser pointed to instances in California, New York, and Illinois. She clarified that she’s interested in understanding how GOP presidential contenders intend to advocate for the eradication of abortion in these markedly pro-choice states.

During another segment of the press call, the organization’s president remarked that a significant number of these presidential hopefuls exhibit a notable degree of apprehension. When asked for the reasons behind this, she attributed it to the reversal of Roe v. Wade, asserting that it serves as a clear indication to all Americans that a politician’s statements regarding abortion now have the potential to materialize as concrete actions rather than mere theoretical stances.

Dannenfelser offered an explanation that, considering a stagnant situation over fifty years, it’s reasonable to anticipate gradual advancements on this issue. She also acknowledged the potential for a prolonged deliberation period but highlighted the present era’s context, wherein positions on this subject bear direct and prompt consequences.

Despite the apprehension mentioned earlier, the president of the pro-life organization asserted that candidates must vigorously drive the agenda forward regarding abortion. She further emphasized that these contenders must effectively communicate to the American populace that unborn infants hold a significance beyond being dispensable entities.




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