Protester Does the Unthinkable to Support Palestine

A supporter of Hamas recently threw a container filled with spray-painted live mice into a McDonald’s restaurant. While carrying out this shocking act, the activist shouted slogans against Israel and in support of Palestine. This incident occurred in Birmingham, UK, a city that hosted one of Europe’s largest pro-Hamas demonstrations on October 15.

Various reports indicate that the city police are presently conducting an investigation into the matter and are in pursuit of the male protester. Videos of the incident depicted the rodents landing near McDonald’s customers, resulting in many of them expressing alarm. The footage also revealed that the mice were covered in spray paint of green, black, and red colors.

The Birmingham Mail, a local newspaper, disclosed that the McDonald’s branch affected by this incident was located in Birmingham’s Star City. In response to the situation, the franchise sent an email to the newspaper, confirming that the restaurant where the incident occurred was ultimately cleaned and subjected to a comprehensive inspection by pest control professionals.

As per the Daily Mail’s reports, pro-Hamas demonstrators have targeted McDonald’s establishments in the United Kingdom on multiple occasions since the Palestinian terrorist group’s attack on Israel on October 7. The British tabloid highlighted a significant protest outside a Bristol branch, where demonstrators called for a boycott, alleging that McDonald’s was also complicit in Israel’s actions.

In numerous videos from the demonstration, protesters asserted that McDonald’s supported Israel by offering thousands of discounts and free meals to Israeli soldiers and civilians following Hamas’ terrorist attack. Many demonstrators vocally expressed that the fast-food chain should be ashamed of its alleged support for Israel.

Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by multiple countries, including the United States, Israel, the European Union, and others. It is essential to note that different countries and organizations may have varying designations, but these entities classify Hamas as a terrorist organization due to its history of violence and attacks.

Additionally, in France, Jewish politicians have received menacing letters that include derogatory anti-Semitic language. According to the British charity Community Security Trust, there have been more than 800 incidents of anti-Semitism reported in the United Kingdom since October 7.




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