Putin Told Not To Make Lengthy Appearances Because Of Bad Health

According to Radar, Vladimir Putin’s physicians urged him not to make any extended public appearances after he felt dangerously unwell at a meeting with his military leaders.

According to the Telegram channel General SVR, which is allegedly maintained by a former Kremlin insider, the 69-year-old Russian president was unwell, weak, and dizzy on Thursday during a crucial meeting with some of his closest military advisers.

Putin’s health worry comes amid a flurry of rumors and allegations that the Russian leader is afflicted with a variety of serious ailments, including a blood cancer struggle.

Putin’s latest health setback comes just days after he was forced to cancel an annual and popular Q&A session in which he would have answered questions from almost 70 ordinary Russian people about the country’s status.

Although some analysts believe the Q&A was postponed indefinitely owing to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s worsening health, others believe it was postponed due to Russia’s ongoing conflict against Ukraine.

Putin’s latest health issues also coincide with the leader’s announcement that he intends to regain territory that formerly belonged to Russia – the first acknowledgement that his special military operation in Ukraine is truly a land reclamation campaign.

“A week ago, the president was preparing to answer the questions of the Russian citizens in late June-early July. But his doctors advised him not to make any lengthy public appearances in the near future. Perhaps if Putin’s health can be stabilized, the Direct Line will be held in August. The President’s indisposition has recently become increasingly difficult to conceal,” General SVR also disclosed.




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