Refusing To Answer – She Avoids At All Costs

During the daily press briefing on Thursday, September 21, there was a notable exchange between Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, and Peter Doocy, a correspondent from Fox News. Doocy inquired about the recent accounts of over 10,000 immigrants unlawfully entering the U.S. border on a daily basis as of last week.

Jean-Pierre commenced her response to the question, but when it seemed she was poised to respond with an inquiry of her own rather than providing a direct response, Doocy interjected. He insisted on knowing the terminology employed by the White House to characterize the daily occurrence of 10,000 immigrants crossing the border illegally.

They engaged in a back-and-forth dialogue, continually talking over each other and mutually interrupting until Jean-Pierre concluded the intense exchange by discontinuing Doocy’s participation and shifting her attention to another reporter’s inquiry. When Doocy attempted to interject once more, Jean-Pierre stated that she had made an effort to respond, but Doocy had prevented her from doing so. Subsequently, Doocy was not afforded any additional opportunities to ask questions.

The interaction between the two garnered significant attention on social media. Many individuals commented on Jean-Pierre’s failure to address the ongoing border challenges. Fox News contributor Guy Benson characterized Jean-Pierre’s unresponsiveness as lamentable. On Twitter, Dean Cain suggested that the appropriate term for the events at the U.S. borders should be invasion. The official Twitter account of the GOP asserted that the word she should have employed to respond to Doocy’s question is crisis.

In the previous month, Fox News sources reported an estimated 20,000 migrants in federal detention. NBC News indicates that Border Patrol is releasing between 100 to 200 migrants daily, who are subsequently being let go on the streets shortly after crossing the border.

The month of September has witnessed a significant surge in unauthorized border crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border. Drone footage documented a sizable assembly of 2,000 migrants unlawfully crossing into the U.S. near Eagle Pass, Texas. This particular group represents one of the most substantial single gatherings ever documented.




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