Rep. Scalise Reveals He Has Cancer

Steve Scalise, the House Republican Majority Leader and Louisiana representative, has recently disclosed that he has been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer. In an official statement, the GOP leader expressed his intention to continue working on Capitol Hill as he confronts this illness. He further mentioned that his health concerns became apparent last week when he began experiencing days during which he did not feel like his usual self.

Scalise reported that he underwent a blood test which detected abnormalities, leading to subsequent tests that ultimately confirmed the presence of Multiple Myeloma. He emphasized that this form of cancer is highly manageable.

In his official statement, he disclosed that he has already commenced treatment, which is anticipated to span several months. Nevertheless, he expressed his determination to continue working during this period and to return to Washington expeditiously to fulfill his responsibilities in representing Louisiana’s First Congressional District.

Subsequent to Scalise’s announcement, numerous legislators conveyed their warm regards to the Majority Leader. Among them, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy shared that he had already engaged in a conversation with Scalise regarding the matter and asserted that the Louisiana representative was maintaining a positive attitude.

In his official statement, McCarthy described Scalise as a resilient individual of strong faith who possesses the determination to surmount any challenge. He emphasized that neither a gunshot nor a cancer diagnosis would deter the Republican leader from achieving his objectives.




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