Rep Senator Sounds Off On Biden’s China Ties – Highly Compromised

Prior to a meeting between the American president and Chinese communist tyrant Xi Jinping in Indonesia, Republican Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) warned that President Biden is “highly compromised.”

Johnson, one of the leading Republicans looking into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, spoke with Sunday Morning Futures’ Maria Bartiromo about Biden’s connections to China.

In leaked emails about a business deal supported by the Chinese government that brought Hunter Biden and his uncle James millions of dollars, Joe Biden was infamously referred to as “the big guy.”

According to a Johnson and Republican Chuck Grassley investigation, the Biden family even embarked on a spending spree that was funded by one of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business associates.

After last week’s midterm elections, Republicans appear ready to retake the House majority and have pledged to look further into the Biden family’s international business transactions.

Because of his family’s strong financial ties to the Chinese communist party, Johnson claimed that Biden, who met with Xi on Monday at the G-20 summit in Indonesia amid escalating tensions over Taiwan, cannot be trusted to act in the interests of the United States.

Additionally, Johnson and Grassley have found a ton of evidence that the FBI misbehaved in order to safeguard the Bidens. Johnson informed Bartiromo that the agency had not responded to his inquiry.

“The FBI has known about this probably going back to 2014, 2015, when you had prosecutions or investigations of Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner. This corruption has been going back quite a few years. It needs to be fully exposed.”

The scandal-plagued FBI director Christopher Wray will be subject to questions from Johnson, the ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, at an upcoming session.

When asked about whistleblower claims that the FBI attempted to minimize the Hunter Biden narrative at a hearing in August, Wray was evasive. A 2020 briefing, according to Johnson, was used to portray Republicans looking into Hunter Biden as Russian propagandists, and Johnson said he intends to inquire about it.




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