Republican Legislators Suggest Lowering Alejandro Mayorkas Pay To $1

Republicans are expressing strong discontent regarding the manner in which Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has managed the border situation. Numerous conservative legislators are advocating for his impeachment. However, a pair of lawmakers have chosen an alternative course of action in response to this issue.

Representatives Chip Roy from Texas and Claudia Tenney from New York have proposed an amendment to the Homeland Security appropriations bill. This amendment aims to decrease the salary of the secretary to a nominal amount of $1. 

To achieve this, they are invoking the Holman Rule, which grants House members the authority to terminate or lower the compensation of certain federal employees. The amendment explicitly stipulates that no funds allocated in the appropriations act can be utilized to remunerate the secretary an amount exceeding $1.

Roy released a statement urging authorities to resolve the situation occurring at the Southern border. The representative from Texas emphasized that it is inappropriate for the American citizens to bear the burden of a salary when an individual is not fulfilling their responsibilities and honoring their oath. He further expressed his satisfaction in collaborating with Tenney to restore effective control of the border operations.

Tenney provided a statement to Fox News Digital in which she strongly criticized the Department of Homeland Security Secretary. She asserted that it is unjustifiable for him to receive hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars while consistently falling short in safeguarding taxpayers from the illegal crossings of migrants at the border. 

Additionally, during an appearance on Fox Business, the representative from Western New York expressed her desire to witness the secretary facing potential impeachment, removal from office, and even legal action due to the border crisis. She also expressed her intention for President Joe Biden to undergo impeachment and removal from office.

Prominent members of the Republican party have been encountering increasing demands from their more conservative colleagues to consider impeaching Mayorkas. Despite their wish to see him removed from office, it appears that the GOP lacks the requisite votes to initiate impeachment proceedings. 

Back in June, Representative Andy Biggs from Arizona expressed the belief that they were approaching the threshold for impeachment, but as of two months later, the situation remains unchanged. The question of whether Tenney and Roy have garnered sufficient support to pass their proposed amendment remains uncertain.




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