Republicans Issue Biden Family Subpoenas

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) disclosed on November 8 that he had authorized subpoenas for the president’s brother, James Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden. The chairman asserted that there is substantiating evidence implying that the Biden family engaged in the sale of access to the highest echelons of our government, including President Joe Biden himself.

Comer said that President Biden received two cheques from James and Sara Biden identified as “loan repayments,” one of which was for $200,000. The video that the chairman had previously posted appeared to indicate that the cheque was sent to Biden on March 1, 2018, when he was a private individual. Interestingly, Americore, the hospital operator, gave James a $200,000 loan that same day.

The Republican from Kentucky expressed concern that, regardless of whether James Biden was repaying owed money to his brother, it remained disconcerting that James’ capacity to fulfill the repayment relied on the success of his questionable financial transactions.

The committee additionally issued subpoenas to Hunter Biden and several associates, among them his art dealer. Comer highlighted that George Bergès had declined to cooperate with the committee’s inquiries concerning the substantial financial transactions involving Hunter Biden’s art.

Republicans have expressed their belief that the impeachment inquiry will provide an opportunity to acquire evidence indicating the president’s involvement in questionable business dealings. As of now, the committee has not disclosed any concrete evidence publicly. 

Witnesses during the September impeachment inquiry hearing stated there was a lack of evidence showing the president had committed a crime. However, the ongoing inquiry will enable them to further investigate and delve into the matter.

Representative Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) shared a video on X (formerly Twitter), where he satirized Comer’s video displaying the signing of the subpoenas. The Democratic representative from Florida stated that he was issuing his own subpoenas to compel the Republican committee chair to provide an explanation regarding the $200,000 loan extended to his brother.

Moskowitz informed Newsweek that the subpoenas he mentioned were not genuine as he lacks the authority to issue them. Nevertheless, he emphasized the importance of the chairman providing an account of the circumstances related to the loan he provided to his brother. Comer faced considerable scrutiny due to the purported $200,000 loan to his sibling, primarily stemming from his remarks regarding Biden lending money to James.




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