Rising Democrat Star Could Ruin Biden’s 2024 Re-Election Plans

A new “star” Democratic governor has arrived in the state, and no, it’s not “Greasy” Gavin Newsom. Yet, it’s the current governor of Maryland, a Democrat called Wes Moore. Even though Moore was only sworn in on Wednesday morning, he has already risen to the top of the Democrats’ list of potential rivals for the presidency in 2024 as they look for someone to replace President Joe Biden.

There are several reasons why the Democrats might prefer someone other than Joe, including the fact that the economy is teetering on the brink of collapse, the inflation crisis has hurt the majority of Americans, the foreign disasters, especially Afghanistan, were difficult moments during his presidency, and his mind rarely appears to be functioning properly.

Additionally, it is clear why they would want to install Maryland Governor Wes Moore in Joe’s place. The fact that Gov. Moore is black comes first, and is probably the factor that matters most to that party that is fixated on race. In order to gain diversity points with their woke wing, Democrats should run him in 2024.

In addition, he appears to be more palatable to the ordinary American than Gavin Newsom, the other candidate who is in the running. He tries to appear less mad than the rest of his party, doesn’t have the appearance of a Bond villain, and isn’t from the most progressive state in the nation.

The Daily Caller reported on his relative moderation among other Democratic contenders and how those less-wacky views make him someone the Democrats are promoting and pushing going into 2024.

According to Bloomberg, Moore’s military experience, financial industry success, fundraising achievements, and connections to career-launching contributors have caught the Democratic party’s interest as well as his apparent bipartisan appeal. Moore’s campaign focused on the economy and crime, which are generally Republican talking points, but he also drew a number of prominent Democratic funders.

Another advantage over Biden is that he doesn’t have a crackhead kid who sells knowledge and influence to Red China, though it hasn’t been established whether he keeps boxes of top-secret documents in his garage.

Moreover, Moore’s supporters are working hard to generate enthusiasm for him, much like DeSantis’ supporters are doing it for him. Two statements taken from the Bloomberg article illustrate the point nicely. In another, Wall Street executive and Moore supporter Ray McGuire said, “There is no ceiling for Wes Moore. Wes Moore has demonstrated the rare and unique ability to exist where the air is thin and the oxygen is limited.”




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