Rod Stuart Latest Celebrity to Join the Leaving LA Trend

As per a report from Breitbart, iconic British rock and pop figure Rod Stewart has now joined the growing list of celebrities looking to depart from Los Angeles. He has recently re-listed his mansion, adding a $10 million increment to the asking price. Stewart has expressed his dissatisfaction with the city’s culture under Democratic governance on multiple occasions.

The 78-year-old vocalist known for hits like “Baby Jane” and “Downtown Train” initially set the price of his Los Angeles mansion at $70 million in June. However, in the latest listing, he has raised it to $80 million. According to the Daily Mail, a few weeks after putting his mansion on the market, Rod Stewart expressed his desire to return to London, England. The British tabloid reported that Stewart’s primary motivation was his dissatisfaction with the current culture in Los Angeles, stating that he was “sick and tired” of it.

Various sources have indicated that Stewart acquired the property in 1991 for $12 million. Over the years, he commissioned renowned architect Richard Landry to build the current nine-bedroom, 12-bathroom mansion. 

The features of Stewart’s estate encompass a marble-floored speakeasy, a double-gated entry, a dining room, a tea room, two gyms, a substantial 4,600 square-foot guesthouse, Corinthian columns, herringbone floors, as well as intricate details like medallions and ceiling moldings.

The residence of the renowned rock and pop figure boasts three acres of landscaped grounds, featuring amenities such as a soccer field, hot tub, swimming pool, various sculptures, and an extensive driveway leading to the main house. Among the notable neighbors in the vicinity are Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington, Grammy-winning singer Adele, MLB legend Barry Bonds, and pop sensation Justin Bieber.

By making this decision, Stewart aligns himself with a considerable number of celebrities and notable figures who are opting to depart from Los Angeles. Hollywood’s renowned actress, Angela Jolie, disclosed in December that she was weary of residing in the City of Angels and intended to move elsewhere. 

Jolie asserted that her choice stemmed from the realization that Hollywood is not a conducive environment. Noteworthy personalities like the iconic Superman actor Dean Cain and even Sylvester Stallone, along with his wife, have also either left California or are contemplating such a move.




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