Russia Grabs Homeless Men Off Street to Fight in Ukraine

According to reports, as part of its most recent military mobilization, Russia is taking men from the streets and homeless shelters to fight in Ukraine.

According to The Washington Post, police and military authorities grabbed a postal courier and a highly inebriated guy in his mid-50s with a walking impairment off the streets of Moscow last week so they could be summoned to fight in the war effort.

Another guy hauled to a nearby enlistment office, a 30-something pacifist named only as Alexei, told the Post of the inebriated man, “I have no clue why they took him.

According to the research, males are seized from places including homeless shelters, railway stations, apartment building lobbys, workplaces, hostels, cafés, and restaurants.

Two police officers and military personnel dressed in civilian clothing collected Alexei at his workplace on Tuesday, giving him the choice to accompany them freely or face force.

I was in a panic, Alexei said to the Post. “I’d never been detained before. Everyone knows that if you are detained by the police in Russia, it’s very bad.”

Vladimir Putin has placed his war operations at danger of escalating internal resistance by the most recent mobilization because he needs troops in Ukraine. Additionally, it is said that over 300,000 Russian men and their families have left the nation in order to avoid being drafted into the military.

In order to assist Russian men evade conscription or surrender in Ukraine, activist Grigory Sverdlin left Russia and founded an organization in Georgia called Go By The Forest, according to the Post.

Yevgeny, a 24-year-old man who the Post recognized as him, has broken off touch with pals and is hiding far from Moscow.




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